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Access our excellent catalog of insightful, informative, and educational presentations, which are available to you via streaming video at your convenience, from anywhere.

Catalog of recorded presentations

The aitp – CompTIA Colorado Mile High professional chapter provides these recordings and multimedia files from presentations at our monthly meetings.

About us:

The aitp – CompTIA Colorado Mile High chapter has morphed into a more online presence.
The first things we provide are recordings for video streaming of the presentations at all of the meetings we have done in recent years.    Check out our ‘Past Events’.
The second thing we will provide in the coming year will be on occasion online presentations, broadcast and recorded with a very small studio audience.
We have a large celebration chapter meeting scheduled for April 19 at the ‘IT Summit‘ conference, at which time our meeting will be one of the sessions of the event. In 2015 our similar session was totally full and very beneficial to those who attended and to our chapter. 2017 IT Summit: (http://www NULL.theitsummit

Check out our past events


aitp – CompTIA CO MHc supports upwardly mobile IT professionals with presentations that provide an overview | overall picture of the entire IT industry | technology; such as Cloud Collaboration, Coworking, Virtual Office, and Big Data.

The meeting and presentation are broadcast real-time via video stream, and recorded (audio and video) for anytime access throughout the state, nation, and world.


Colorado Mile High Chapter of AITP

We are affiliated with an international organization, the Association of Information Technology Professionals (AITP) which has chapters across the United States and Canada.  AITP is a broad based IT professional group that welcomes anyone with an interest in computer-based technology and its impact upon our communities and society.

Your dinner table partners may include a CTO (Chief Technology Officer), Business Analyst, Systems Architect, LAN (Local Area Network) Administrator, Programmer, Project Manager, Database Administrator, and an IT Staffing Recruiter.  Student chapter members are also welcome.  Our affiliations with more technology specific IT organizations open doors for more detailed discussions in those topic areas.


To be leaders in the future direction of the IT profession.


To provide educational opportunities in the areas of new technology, business concepts, and industry issues; and to promote networking opportunities within our professional communities.


Founded in October 1952, the Mile High Chapter was the thirteenth chapter of the National Machine Accountants Association (NMAA).  In 1962 the name was changed to the Data Processing Management Association (DPMA).  The industry continued to change, and in 1996 we became the Association of Information Technology Professionals (AITP).